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Finding the Right Match for Mutual Success

The goal of the Job Broker System is to assist Treasure Island employers in fulfilling their job openings with 50% San Francisco resident and 25% Economically Disadvantaged hire goals.   

Our Job Broker assistance for job seekers to ensure Island employers are receiving pre-screened, qualified, job-ready San Francisco and Economically Disadvantaged candidates to fill their job vacancy.

We help residents with:

  • Job development

  • Job referrals

  • Job placement support

  • Job retention skills

  • Resume writing

  • Oral interviews

  • Interview techniques

  • Job search support


We place a job order with our local referring agency partners to assist us with outreach, recruitment, screening and referral of San Francisco and Economically Disadvantaged residents for island job openings.



Please check our Workshop Calendar for our Workshop dates and times and don't forget to register. 

For more information on One Treasure Island in general, telephone us at (415) 274-0311.



Get Involved

  • If you are a job seeker, and are interested in employment opportunities on Treasure Island, you can enroll for services at One Treasure Island by attending a Mandatory orientation, held every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, or apply through our referring agency partners. Please see the list of One Treasure Island Referring Agency partners (listed below) and contact them directly.


  • If you are a local non-profit community based organization, or public agency that currently provides employment placement services to economically disadvantaged residents of San Francisco, and are interested in becoming a One Treasure Island Referring Agency partner, please call to schedule a meeting with our Employment Project Manager at (415) 274-0311 ext. 302.


  • If you are an Island Employer, and is interested in receiving assistance with finding job ready, qualified candidates to fill your job openings, and possibly receiving 6 weeks of wage subsidies for your new hires, please contact our Job Developer at (415) 274-0311 ext. 308.

Our Trusted Job Placement Partners