Creating Room For Everyone. A thriving and inclusive new neighborhood on Treasure Island that celebrates diversity and offers opportunity for all.

Treasure Island has a lot to offer: It is a small town in the middle of the big city, offers the best views in the Bay, and is home to a diverse population. As the community grows, we want Treasure Island and its people to flourish.

But a community doesn't work if only the interests of a few are being met.

We are helping create both a new neighborhood and a new vision for how communities can be successfully built around diversity, equity, and opportunity for all. 

I don’t know how I could have successfully completed any of these things on my own.  One Treasure Island helped me engage more within the society and restore my hope and faith in life’s possibilities.
— Mike, formerly homeless veteran and now permanent TI resident

Integrated programs, to make sure that all people can access the resources they need to prosper.

Everyone deserves a safe place to live and the opportunity to live with dignity. And Treasure Island is one of San Francisco’s most diverse communities.

The people who live and work here represent a broad range of backgrounds and therefore have a broad range of needs.

We want to see everyone who lives and works on Treasure Island flourish. One Treasure Island partners with local organizations to provide residents with the resources, supportive services, and amenities they need to thrive.



join us every wednesday at 10am for a free orientation to learn how our programs can help. 



The Future Of Treasure Island

Working together as one to meet the needs of many


Treasure Island is unlike any other neighborhood in San Francisco due to its location, small-town feel, and diversity of residents.

As planned development on the island progresses, we will ensure that Treasure Island remains an inclusive community where there are opportunities for people of all socio economic backgrounds to live and thrive.

With 8,000 new homes planned for development, over 2,000 of which will be for affordable housing, growth needs to be approached thoughtfully and implemented in an equitable way. It’s better to get it right the first time than to go back and fix things later. With the development in progress now, we must work to ensure that the equitable and inclusive community that San Francisco has planned is realized and built to thrive.

To be involved in the creation of a new, inclusive neighborhood from the ground up, inclusive of everyone, is very exciting.
— Daniel Levine, Senior Vice President, John Stewart Co.

Your support makes all the difference.

Treasure Island’s population will and does encompass a wide range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, meaning there’s a wide range of needs to be served.

As the Treasure Island community grows, there is a chance that despite well-laid plans and good intentions, inequity could threaten to interfere with the beautiful diversity of the neighborhood.

Which is why we work to ensure that every person who lives or works on Treasure Island can enjoy a high quality of life and feel reflected and respected in their neighborhood.

By partnering with the community, other organizations, and city government, we are able to provide residents with the services they need to thrive and foster a strong sense of community and Treasure Island pride.